Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What To Do With Old Carpet

Carpet is not used up once it is no longer good for use in the parlor. There are lots of uses (reuses) for old carpet.
  • Unless it smells like cat:
    • Insulate the dog house
    • Make a cat scratch post
  • Cut into strips and put it on the garden (especially if it smells like cat)
  • Use it as a drop cloth for painting
  • Cover or separate furniture when moving
  • With bicycle hanger hooks, attach it to the eaves of a garage or shed, paint a target such as a baseball strike zone on it, and allow your aspiring young pitcher, golfer, or place kicker to practice in style. (Note: color choice may impact effectiveness.)
  • Pad or protect a pickup truck bed, sides, or rails, tailgate
  • Another site adds:
    • Cut up carpets for use in cars as floor mats or to line the trunk.
    • Cut into small circles and place under the feet of heavy furniture.
    • Take camping for a doormat, or to put under sleeping bags
    • Insulate your compost pile over the winter
  • A commenter at yet another site suggests using it in a greenhouse (which would go as well for any other indoor/outdoor area where function outweighs beauty, such as a garage or barn)

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Purple Avenger said...

Many skydiving dropzones would take dead carpet donations. Skydivers like to pack their chutes on a carpeted area.