Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Google Books and the Big Ten

Google Books and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), comprising the Big Ten and the University of Chicago, have announced an agreement with Google to digitize works from its member libraries as part of the Google Book Search project.

In the CIC are 6 of the nation's largest 20 libraries.

In a multi-year project, Google will scan for search millions of public domain and copyrighted items, under Fair Use or by agreement with copyright holders. According to a CIC release,

Public domain materials can be viewed, searched and downloaded in their entirety. For books under copyright protection, a search will result in basic information (such as the book's title and the author's name), and a snippet of text surrounding the search term. Users seeking further information from the text will be directed to avenues for purchase or library access.

The CIC plans to implement a digital archive of research and other content, both for preservation and to enable academic study and collaboration.
This partnership with Google will enable the CIC universities to digitize library content at a scale and scope not possible with the limited means available to individual institutions. And now, with the future promise of a shared digital repository, our universities will enter into an ambitious, groundbreaking collaboration to collectively archive digital public domain materials previously housed within the bricks and mortar of individual libraries.

See the CIC site more information on the CIC and the Google partnership.

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