Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cure Poison Ivy

Calomine lotion is useless. However, while I am not a doctor, poison ivy rash is simple to cure:
  • For best results, stay away from the stuff
  • If you can't stay away from poison ivied areas, learn to recognize it, wear garments that cover any areas of skin that will be exposed to it, and if you suspect contact, wash clothes and wash skin with soap and water immediately.
  • Carry a container of disposable baby-wipes, and wash hands immediately.
But if you catch the stuff, so it itches and you break out in the little pustules:
  1. Wash with soap and water
  2. Scour skin with alcohol until the pustules break
  3. Continue scouring until you see blood where the pustules were; scrub some more with fresh alcohol until it really stings badly.
  4. You are cured.
If you don't want to go the rubbing alcohol direction, spend several hours in and out of a chlorinated swimming pool or salt water. Do not apply UV protection to the affected areas beforehand.