Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Once again, Microsoft is using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt as a marketing ploy. Unable to maintain their accustomed monopoly position with the unacceptable products they are currently able to develop, the company has turned to bogus threats of patent infringement against Linux and Open Office.

Why not just make products that work better?

Microsoft is a monster, the undrowned spawn of all that is wrong with Wall Street and all that is bad about commercial software development. Microsoft is forced by their ego-driven culture and the pressing expectations of unrealistic investors to deliver products that will sell for the highest profit rather than those which will operate the best.

I'm not against profit, even obscene profit. I think it's fine to develop software and sell it. But I don't like legal maneuvering to achieve the former because of a poor effort at the latter.

As fans of horror movies know, sooner or later, the monster always dies.

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